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Driven towards innovation and excellence to redefine the limits of
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HPK Star is a company that revolves around excellence in shaping the physical world around us for everyone. As a renowned construction company, our team is characterized by strong commitment, boundless passion, and a relentless drive for innovation.

With a rich history of successfully executing various projects, we specialize in the construction of apartments, villas, and commercial buildings, each of which is a true embodiment of eminence in its own right.

We are proud to be builders with 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial projects, covering a span of more than 20 Lakh sq. ft., all delivered with a commitment to quality and accompanied by exceptional Post-management support.

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We are driven by innovation, aiming to redefine limits and craft inspiring living spaces. Beyond projects, their focus is on building exceptional communities that foster connectivity and transform experiences for clients, residents, and partners, embodying a commitment to excellence.


We are dedicated to innovating and building communities while upholding transparency and trust. With a standard of excellence, we turn visionary ideas into concrete reality, enriching lives and positively impacting our neighborhoods, all in our mission to elevate the world we inhabit.

Management Team

At HPK Star, our journey is a testament to visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, with Mr. Basheer Ahamed, Chairman, as the driving force behind our success. From the inception of HPK Star, his strategic direction has propelled the company to its current pinnacle. Over the past 15 years, he has not only shaped the physical landscape but also fostered enduring relationships, cultivating an impressive clientele.

The legacy of HPK Star is now seamlessly transitioning to the next generation with the induction of Mr. Mohammed Suhail, as the Managing Director. Infusing the company with a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication, Mr. Suhail is steering HPK Star towards new heights of growth and innovation.

This father-son duo epitomizes a perfect blend of seasoned experience and forward-thinking, ensuring that HPK Star not only meets but consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients.

  • K.K. BASHEER ahamed


  • K.B. Mohammed Suhail

    Managing Director

core team


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K.B. Mohammed Suhail

managing director

K.B. Mohammed Suhail

managing director

K.B. Mohammed Suhail

managing director

K.B. Mohammed Suhail

managing director

K.B. Mohammed Suhail

managing director

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